Every kid should have an opportunity for safe and healthy play every day.

At a Rock Star Recess students learn and incorporate 5 skills on the playground - to be inclusive, play fair, become leaders, resolve conflict peacefully and get in the game.

Every student should be a rock star!

Congratulations to Dennis C. Haley Pilot School, the winner of the ultimate Rock Star Recess.

The promotion is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. 


Empower your students with safe & healthy play in your school!

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Playworks believes recess is one the of most important parts of the school day.

Children learn critical skills through play, like getting along, working in teams and resolving disagreements. The playground is also a place where kids have the opportunity to be leaders and practice positive social-emotional skills, like including others and demonstrating empathy. Every student can benefit from the power of play. Bring Playworks to your school today.

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